Equity Trading

Brean Capital’s institutional equities trading desk provides our clients with timely information and high-quality execution.  The team is comprised of professionals that have an average of 20 years’ experience on Wall Street.  Our desk handles transactions on all major exchanges, crossing networks, and electronic trading platforms.  The group works closely with our equities salespeople to align efforts in order to best serve the institutional clients’ needs, and tailor their service for each specific account.

In summary, a 30+ year history has helped create relationships which are guided by an experienced sales force with a strong distribution system.   The traders on our desk are able to build strong relationships with their counterparts at our client firms, which is a testament to their skill and experience.  These relationships add to our traders’ ability to execute for, and provide value to, those who rely on them.

For further information contact:

James Morris
Head Trader
(212) 702-6526