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Brean Capital's Financial Institutions Group (FIG) serves the needs of credit unions, banks, thrifts, bankers’ banks, and depository institutions nationwide. FIG fulfills the role of Strategic Partner and Trusted Advisor to the banking industry by dedicating ourselves to our clients’ financial success. Acting in a consultant capacity, FIG collaborates with a depository institution’s senior management, ALCO, and Board to develop value-added strategies tailored to their initiatives, the marketplace, and the specific characteristics of their balance sheet. Ultimately, FIG advises our clients on how to:

To ensure the unique needs of the banking industry are met, FIG has assembled a cohesive team of seasoned professionals who possess extensive experience with solution-specific expertise in capital markets, fixed income sectors, depository balance sheets, and asset/liability management. FIG brokers, strategists, and analysts have backgrounds as: fixed income portfolio managers; bond traders; fixed income strategists; asset/liability managers; ALM model operators; ALM analysts; risk managers; balance sheet strategists; and depository institution executives.

FIG Solutions & Services Overview

FIG offers a complete suite of solutions, products, and services that set us apart from the competition by fulfilling the ongoing operational needs, regulatory concerns, and strategic growth initiatives of our depository institution clients:

Investment Portfolio Analytics

Through Brean Strategic Advisors, Brean Capital's affiliate, the following products and services are offered:

Balance Sheet Strategy & Analytics

Balance Sheet & ALM Analytics

Asset/Liability Management (ALM) Modeling & Reporting

Brean ALManager Modeling Service uses a combination of the industry-leading, state-of-the-art ZM Financial Systems ZMdesk™ ALM Model and proprietary analytics. FSG offers an ALM Modeling Service that reports on:

Financial Strategies Group (FSG)

FIG offers Balance Sheet strategies and analytical tools through the Financial Strategies Group (FSG). FSG’s ALM analysts have decades of experience analyzing and optimizing depository institutions’ balance sheets. Employing a top-down methodology, FSG analysts assess the entire balance sheet based on the client’s specific needs and risk parameters in relation to:

In conjunction with Fixed Income Strategy, FSG reviews client balance sheets, applying Brean ALManager and Brean PAR analyses to:

Funding Assistance Facilitation

Reverse Mortgage Loan Products

Bond Accounting Service

Financial Institutions Group Mandates