Institutional Fixed Income Sales & Trading

Fixed Income Sales & Trading

Brean Capital’s MBS & Rates division provides sales, trading, banking and advisory services on a wide range of mortgage and asset-backed securities, U.S. Treasury and government agency securities, structured products such as CLOs and CDOs, whole loans, and other securities. Trading volume is over $100 billion in securities annually, and MBS positions approximately $1 billion in inventory. The Brean Capital MBS & Rates team consists of over 65 professionals, including over 35 sales professionals, who have developed strong relationships with more than 600 institutional investors including mutual funds, pension funds, insurance companies, hedge funds, investment managers, and investment advisors by providing value-added investment ideas and access to execution services and inventory capital.

Institutional Bond Brokerage

The fixed income sales team employs a highly analytical approach to bond selection, trade execution, and overall bond portfolio management. Under the guidance of fixed income strategists, the fixed income team uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative analyses to create custom investment portfolios and develop targeted, executable bond trading strategies to complement our clients’ balance sheets.

Brean’s Fixed Income Division has earned a sterling reputation among investors for superior execution and knowledge of the markets, with average industry experience of 20+ years.

Bond Sales & Trading

Brean touches virtually all buy-side institution types that invest in the following fixed income products:

  • U.S. Treasuries
  • Agency bonds (all GSEs including FNMA, FHLMC, GNMA, FHLB)
  • Agency mortgage-backed securities (MBS)
  • Non-agency residential & commercial mortgage-backed securities (RMBS & CMBS)
  • Agency collateralized mortgage obligations (CMO)
  • Non-agency CMOs
  • Agency multi-family & commercial mortgage-backed securities (Agency CMBS: DUS, ACE, K, Project)
  • Agency home equity conversion (reverse) mortgage-backed securities (HECM)
  • Asset-backed securities (ABS)
  • Small Business Administration securities (SBA)
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Municipal Bonds
  • Negotiable Certificates of Deposit (NCD)
Reverse Mortgage Loan Products
  • HECM Fixed Rate (HECM Choice)
  • HECM Adjustable
  • HECM For Purchase

Offering Materials

If you have purchased a Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSE) Security, including but not limited to FNMA, FFCB, FHLB or FHLMC please refer to the GSE websites provided below for all offering materials including but not limited to current offering circulars and pricing supplements.